I am Juner Zhu, currently a Postdoctoral Associate at MIT, jointly working with Professor Tomasz Wierzbicki at the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Professor Martin Z. Bazant at the Department of Chemical Engineering since I got my Ph.D. degree from MIT in June 2019. 

My major research interest is Electro-Chemo-Mechanics of various Energy Storage Systems, with particular interests in lithium-ion batteries and solid-state lithium-metal batteries. Physics-based theories, data-driven approaches, and their delicate combination are my powerful tools.

I am co-directing the program of the MIT Industrial Battery Consortium, which was founded by Prof. Tomasz Wierzbicki in 2011 and is now being supported by AVL, Hyundai, Murata, Tesla, Toyota, and Volkswagen/Audi/Porsche as well as other industrial sponsors in the consumer electronics and battery area. As the Executive Director, I am now leading the research activities of our research team.